Professional Services

Photo of Tobias Schwarz Tobias Schwarz CTO Audisto

We'll share our expertise to bring you forward

While we are not an agency, we understand that technical SEO and connected issues can be exceptionally complicated. Since we incorporate a lot of technical and strategic expertise, we offer to share our knowledge.

Sometimes you need a second opinion, a quick sparring or specific technical know-how. We offer a range of services to assure your success in combination with your Audisto account that do not require long-term consulting contracts.

One Hour “Starter” Services

A lot of things can be discussed in one hour and do not require a multi-day analysis. We offer a range of fixed price kick-off services to get you started faster.

  • Crawl Analysis

    One hour during which we look at your crawl together and point out problems that you might have missed or that impact your SEO the most. We will discuss your problems in as much detail as you need to be able to fix them or advise how to write your tickets. Advanced questions welcome!

  • Setting Priorities

    One hour during which we discuss your available ressources and main problems to sort priorities for your technical SEO tasks based on our experience. The result will be an ordered list with your top priorities and low hanging fruits any developer should manage.

  • SEO Concept Paper Sparring

    You present us your new SEO concept and we will refine it together to minimize business risks and to maximize impact. We help you to express requirements as clearly as possible so that there are no problems during the later implementation or resource discussion.

  • Core Web Vitals & Performance Optimization

    Together we will look at your website, pointing out performance problems and show you how to debug them. If the Core Web Vitals are an issue for you, we will look at example pages and discuss techniques to fix your performance.

These packages are know-how transfer services that go beyond software feature explanations and therefore have to be paid extra as a consulting fee. They take place as a video call. Prior preparation time is included.

Hourly Paid Support Services

Some topics are complex and often require transferring a lot of knowledge. For those topics we offer in-detail consulting of variable length.

  • Structure Optimization

    We will help you to get a better understanding of your website structure and internal link graph by segmenting your crawl and collecting the necessary data points. Those will later be used for the structural optimization. Once we analyzed the data we can discuss suitable concepts to optimize your website architecture and create an action plan.

  • Relaunch Safeguarding

    In addition to our relaunch guide we can help you to define your specific relaunch roadmap, define the appropriate continuous testing and quality criteria to safeguard your relaunch.

Since the scope of these services is variable, they are paid according to demand.

Other Services

If you need further assistance with complex technical SEO topics we can discuss assistance or refer you to a trusted local agency - depending on your needs.

  • Full Technical SEO Audit
  • Monitoring & Test Plan Workshop
  • Internal Workshops
  • Logfile Analysis: 10 billion visits, 200 million URLs and more