Pricing Calculator

Create a project for each domain you crawl, and pay for just the size you need.

Customized prize

Crawled URLs 1,000,000 Analyzed URLs 10,000,000 Analyzed links 100,000,000
Including: 1 domain, 1 monitoring, API access, crawling of unverified domains, unlimited crawls, last 3 crawls kept, up to 24 parallel requests per crawl. More
Monthly fee

Price plus additional VAT. Business customers only. Extends by another month automatically.

What you get

Feature Explanation
1 Main Domain Every project is bound to one domain. Details. You can create additional projects later on.
Unlimited Crawls You may create as many crawls for the domain as you like. Last three crawls are kept.
Crawl Subdomains Crawl as many subdomains as you like. Details.
Countless Insights We cover more than hundred checks for each URL and also keep track of your site's performance metrics.
Duplicate Content We detect duplicate <title>, <meta name="description"> and HTML bodies. We also check for duplicate URLs that may refer to the same resource. See our URL normalization features for details.
Clustering Freely define subsets of URLs to see how specific parts of your site work, and where the linkjuice goes. Details.
Unlimited API Access Download all data and use it to power you decision making.

Full features for domains with verified ownership

Feature Explanation
Highspeed Speed up your crawl with up to 24 requests in parallel.
Monitoring Frequently crawl the main domain or a subdomain and aggregate the results over time. Last two monitoring crawls are kept.
Cross-Domain Crawling Crawl across several domains at once. Details.
Powerful Simulation See what your site would look like after structural changes using tools like URL Rewriting, changing HTML parser settings, or normalizing URLs.
Flexible robots.txt Overload robots.txt to direct our crawler in the right direction or let our crawler behave like any of the big search engines.
HTTP Authentication Send user credentials with each request.
Cookies and Headers Set cookies on each request or send predefined HTTP headers.