Audisto Monitoring

Prevent surprises with continuous & automated SEO change monitoring

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What it's for

  • Track all important technical SEO changes via continuous monitoring for a shortened time-to-resolution
  • Document changes covering the complete KPI history of your domain and compare data points to identify anomalies
  • Use automated testing and technical monitoring to quickly identify erroneous modifications that harm your business
  • Drive your quality assurance process by detecting deteriorating technical health that affects your SEO performance
Photo of Sören Bendig Sören Bendig CEO Audisto

E-commerce 24/7 monitoring is even more important for large and complex online shops.

You need to prevent your business from leaking money without your knowledge and safeguard your online business. With smart tools and the right strategy this is faster to set up than some may think.

SEO change monitoring

Monitor changes over time

Automated SEO monitoring

Use our site-wide monitoring solution for SEO change tracking and quickly identify unwanted changes by other divisions.

Anomaly detection

Identify systemic failure of your CMS or shop and track malfunctioning logic that creates wild growth in URLs and other indexing issues.

Automated website testing

Increase productivity through automated tests and alerts, which relieve you of time-consuming manual work to catch erroneous changes at scale.

robots.txt monitoring

Analyze if all your hosts own the proper robots.txt and if your files meet the strict specifications to control bots on your site.