Audisto Monitoring

Prevent expensive rollbacks or traffic loss with relaunch tracking

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What it's for

  • Safeguard the technical quality of your relaunch process via constant monitoring of all your pages
  • Prevent a loss in rankings or traffic by properly testing and simulating the changes before the relaunch takes place
  • Create intelligent quality test scenarios for all your page types and analyze progress being made towards your goals
  • Keep track of all changes during and after the relaunch and receive automated alerts if issues endanger your successful relaunch
Photo of Tobias Schwarz Tobias Schwarz CTO Audisto

Before, during and after a relaunch the tracking of technical SEO relevant KPIs is even more important.

Sometimes things develop hectically as the deadline approaches and flying blindfolded is an unnecessary risk while maybe changing several things at once. Luck is not a strategy.

Relaunch tracking

Track relaunch progress over time

Supervise your relaunch

During a relaunch there are many moving parts and constraints. Keep a firm overview about the progress and if all technical criteria are complied with.

Test SEO quality criteria

Create quality tests via the easy-to-use visual editor to check if all URLs obey your specifications, regardless if still on staging or directly after the relaunch.

Compare staging and live servers

Prevent unpleasant surprises before relaunch by crawling and analyzing your staging server and compare results with your live environment.

Document and track SEO success

Measure your SEO performance and progress over time on a technical level by utilizing our sophisticated reports and intelligent dashboards.