Audisto Monitoring

Automated technical testing and monitoring

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What it's for

  • Identify erroneous modifications that need immediate attention
  • Safeguard your website and verify your critical elements are working as intended
  • Save time for quality management and developers with fully automated tests
  • All-round overview on every single page plus constant monitoring
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Don't rely on retrospective traffic or ranking changes to identify critical issues.

Mitigate risk, maintain control and avoid undetected problems that cost you sales and traffic by advanced automated monitoring.

Powerful testing and monitoring

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Automated technical testing & monitoring

Quick configuration of complex problems empower you to control a permanent testing and monitoring setup. Intelligent scheduling ensures continuous test coverage with fresh data.

Reverse engineer problems

Investigate the root causes of technical website troubles and get the clustered information you need to analyze and solve those issues. You define what impacts your business - fully flexible tests and checks.

Enterprise-class API

Use our API to pull detailed monitoring alerts and create automated tickets based on our data or integrate the check reports into your quality assurance process.

Example checks for a product page

An image illustrating test points on an average product page

Save hours of configuration

Screenshot of visual checks editor

Visual editor

Create complex and/or groups with different requirements. Organizing and creating checks with the visual drag & drop editor is fast and easy.

Config file editor

Beside the visual editor you can switch to a text editor to easily copy tests between different projects. In addition, you could automate the generation of config files from your backend.

Powerful test-markup language

Configure tests using sophisticated regex, XPath or conditional filters on URL, source code, content, file names, meta information, HTTP headers and much more.

Connect extensive technical SEO hints

Utilize the full power of our 161 on page criteria hints from the included Audisto crawler to trigger automated alerts for common SEO issues.

Segment page types for precise checks

Use pattern definitions to group pages by type and create targeted tests for specific sections of your website (like products or categories) - alert only those responsible for them.

Customized alerting messages

Alert Mail

Critical alerts

Reduce your time-to-resolution and rapidly know when revenue relevant things break. You can configure instant alerts – while the crawl is still running – on the first critical issue found.

Define thresholds

Identify what matters and configure your alert thresholds. Sometimes known issues can clutter your overview – tailor our alerting system to your website and legacy. Works great for management reports as well.

All-round overview

With Audisto you can maintain test coverage on every single page of your projects. Gone are the days of forced sampling or limitations of scale while dealing with enterprise problems.