Avoid losing rankings with a website redesign

Audisto provides useful data that could help you when you're about to relaunch your site. The software can help you to make sure everything still work after you launch your new site.

Whenever you launch a redesign of a website there is a high risk that you missed something and you lose important rankings. When you actually launch the new site you want to be sure that:

  • all the old urls are still reachable or redirect the user to a useful url
  • there are no major flaws in terms of onpage seo

Audisto can help you with those tasks!

With a crawl of your site you can get a list of all reachable URLs within your site structure. You can export this information using our API and compare a crawl of your live environment with a crawl from your development environment. Have a look at our crawler information page to learn about how to make a development environment crawlable.

During a crawl Audisto also checks each page of your website against more than 110 onpage factors. By looking at these you can make sure you do not have major flaws in terms of onpage seo.