Performance Optimization: Response Times and File Sizes

Audisto measures the response times and filesize of every single page within your website. We can show you pages that are slow, have a big filesize, do not compress well or have no compression at all.

When Audisto crawls your page we store the response time and the raw and compressed filesize for every single page. In addition we detect if the response to the client was compressed at all.

With this information on hand it is quite easy to spot performance bottlenecks.

Response Times

The response times are clustered into groups. By looking at the slow groups you can identify types of pages that are slower than the rest of you pages. By having a close look you might identify performance bottlenecks in your code or slow database queries.

Slow pages can even be security relevant because they can be easily identified and an attacker might be able to harm your site with only a small number of request to those pages.

File sizes

The file sizes are also clustered into groups. By looking at the big groups you can identify pages that usually take longer to be transmitted on slow internet connections. The pages might also render slowly because of the amount of html.

You can also identify pages that are not compressed when transmitted to the client. Compressing those transfers can greatly improve the performance of your pages.

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