Link audit: Find broken links and unnecessary redirects

With our crawler you can check all links within your website. We can show you all broken links within your website and even collect all links to external pages.

Performing a link audit

Our crawler finds all links within your website and tries to crawl all internal pages. We store the linkgraph of your website and status codes for all pages we crawl.

Working with the crawl data helps you to deal with the following scenarios:

  • broken links
  • unnecessary redirect
  • broken and malicious links to external pages

Find and fix broken links

Broken links will usually result in error pages with a 404 status code. We list all 404 errors within our userinterface:

Pages with 404 status code

We also list all the incoming links for each page within the link graph:

Incoming links for a page

By looking at the incoming links for those pages you can find and fix all broken links within your website and provide a better usability for your users.

Find and fix unnecessary or broken redirects

Sometimes links result in internal redirects with a 30x status code. We also provide lists for those. We also have additional information about the redirects and mark the pages. We can point out the following scenarios:

  • Multiple redirects in a row
  • Redirect loops
  • Redirect results in a host change
  • Redirect results in protocol change
  • Redirect to URL which is not HTTP or HTTPS
  • Redirect to external page

By working with this data you can reduce the number of unnecessary internal redirects. You can change the links to point directly to the correct pages. This will reduce the pageloadtimes for your users when clicking on those links.

Find links to external pages

You will also get a list of all external pages that are linked from within your website:

External pages

You can also get an overview of all hosts that are linked from within your website:

Hosts with number of pages and incoming links

You can use this information to check the availability of the external pages. You can also check all the external urls agains 3rd party services like Google's Safe Browsing API and you can make sure that all links still point to valuable pages that are safe for your users.

Please note: We currently do not check external pages for their statuscode or against 3rd party services. However you can get all the external pages from us using the user interface or using our API.