Onpage optimization: detect onpage issues

With Audisto you can check each page of your website against more than 90 onpage criterias. Our tool gives you valuable information about things that could be optimized and helps you to build a better website.

Within our UI you can access lists of pages that share specific onpage issues. See our full list of our so called hints to get more details. Most of the hints are related to:

  • HTML-Markup
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Robots-Directives
  • Links
  • Images
  • Search snippets
  • Security

In addition Audisto provides you with insights about your sites onpage structure. We store all pages and all links of your site. Within the UI you can easily spot potential problems within your sites navigation. You can see how many pages are on each level of your site. You can even have a close look and see all incomming and outgoing links for every single page.

Cause of the fact that all these onpage issues are part of your site you should be able to change them easily.