Detect duplicate content within a website

Audisto is a powerful tool to detects duplicate content on websites. We developed a number of techniques that scale well, even for websites with a very large number of pages.

Within the UI we show groups of pages that share one of the following criterias with at least one other page:

  • Titles
  • Meta-description
  • Page-body

We are also able to point out Uurl normalization insight.

For every group you get a list of all the pages. There is also a counter with the number of affected pages to help you to quantify and quickly identify the most important tasks.

In addition you can use some of our hints to spot pages that might be a problem as well. We have hints like:

  • repetitive elements in the path
  • repetitive parameters
  • canonicals to different pages

With the knowledge about those pages you can reduce the number of duplicates. Often duplicate content is a result of technical flaws. Usually you can jut get rid of the pages. It the pages are needed you could often keep the functionality without actually having the pages. Just choose a better technical approach.