Automated technical audit of a website

Audisto provides one of the most advanced services for technical audits of websites. The software can identify and report complicated technical issues by checking all pages. We designed the service to audit even very large websites with millions of pages.

Automated audits have a number of benefits over manual audits:

  • An automated audit can check all pages and all the data used for the pages. A manual audit usually tests only a small portion of all pages and is likely to miss some stuff.
  • A full audit helps to quantify the detected issues by counting the number of affected pages. This makes it easy to focus on the most important tasks.
  • Automated audits can reliably detect rare errors that affect only a small number of pages. Some errors tend to occur as a result of false data combined with code unable to handle it.
  • Automated audits can be repeated at any time without manual interaction. They are highly cost-efficient and can be used to monitor changes for a very large number of factors over time.

Here are some scenarios you might find interesting:

  • Audisto is able to find all indexable pages within your website. Audisto handles robots.txt rules, noindex and nofollow directives and even the canonical element. By looking at those criterias you can get a precise list of indexable pages.
  • Audisto collects the whole linkgraph and all statuscodes of all crawled pages. With this data it is easy to find broken links within your site and all the pages that link to those broken pages.
  • Audisto measures the responsetimes and filesizes of all crawled pages. This kind of information helps to quickly spot performance bottlenecks.

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