We’re celebrating! Audisto turned two!

We're celebrating 2 years of Audisto. It's been quite a journey so far. We have to say thank you to all of you! Two years ago we would never expected to have several thousand accounts with such a technical product. This is what we learned so far and what we plan for the future:

The quality of the data really matters. Today search engines have a better understanding of quality than ever. Website owners have to keep up with this development. They have to develop a deep understanding of their website and and they have to keep track with all the changes. This results in quite some challenges for us:

  • We need to crawl even the largest websites completely to make sure we don't miss anything. Testing only a few thousand sites is not enough anymore. If you don't crawl everything chances are that you miss problems within the structure, the content and even programming errors and security issues.
  • We also need to provide the most accurate data possible. Faulty data is not an option.
  • We need to make it easier to keep track of all the changes.

Having all this in mind we came up with some great plans for the near future:

  • We're gonna have a completely redesigned user interface.
  • We will also have a monitoring solution. The monitoring feature will allow automated recrawls and it will be possible to compare crawls and to keep track of changes.

To make this the best experience possible for you we're still collecting your wishes for a new user interface and feedback about the existing one. Please send all your thoughts and we will take them into consideration for the upcoming major release.

Best Regards
Gerd, Tobias