API released to the public

We recently released the first public version of our API and made it available to all accounts.

The API allows the automated access to all data of your crawls. You can use the API to integrate the data in your own products, e.g. to manage todos, setup monitoring or to create a toolbar. You can access the API and the API documentation using the "API"-Link within the UI.

Here are some ideas for the usage of the API:

  • Agencies could use the API to build or enhance automated reports for their clients in there own look and feel.
  • Websites could use the API to request information about the internal link structure. By combining this data with other data it is possible to push important pages within the search results by increasing the number of internal links.
  • Developers could use the API to quickly get all the details about errors that occur on the website.

If you have any problems with the API use the contact form to get in touch.