Three Years of Audisto - Celebrate!

Audisto just turned three years, and we have a present for you to celebrate this! On both 14th and 15th October (UTC) when creating new crawls, you might use all the features included in our ultimate edition. This means you might additionally benefit from:

  • Duplicate content detection
  • Similar URL detection
  • Mobile Crawling
  • URL rewriting

Duplicate content detection

The duplicate content detection module collects URLs that share the same title, the same meta-description or the same page-body. We list all the URLs in the user interface and show you the incoming links.

Similar URLs detection

We recently introduced a new module called "Similar URL detection". This module collects all the URLs that would have been identical after full URL normalization, pointing out unique resources that are referenced by different URLs. We explain in detail why this is a problem in our previous insight.

Mobile crawling

With mobile crawling you can use two more user-agents, one for phones and one for tablets. You can target the new agents in your application and in your robots.txt.

URL rewriting

With the url rewriting module it is possible to ignore URLs, get rid of session IDs, fix broken paths like missing trailing slashes, drop parameters and much more. URL rewriting can be used to simulate structural changes. Here's how URL rewriting works.