New Advanced Settings for URL Normalization
Our latest release introduces a new setting for URL Normalization to give you even more insights. This is a big thing and we want to explain in detail what we did and why we did it.
Keep track of changes on your website
Audisto makes it easy to keep track of changes on your website, even for large sites. Our software can help you to detect changes quickly by performing regular crawls.
Avoid losing rankings with a website redesign
Audisto provides useful data that could help you when you’re about to relaunch your site. The software can help you to make sure everything still work after you launch your new site.
Simulate changes in the website architecture
Audisto is so powerful, it even allows you to simulate you changes in your site architecture. You can use advanced features like a custom robots.txt or URL Rewriting to simulate change.
Performance Optimization: Response Times and File Sizes
Audisto measures the response times and filesize of every single page within your website. We can show you pages that are slow, have a big filesize, do not compress well or hav no compression at all.
Link audit: Find broken links and unnecessary redirects
With our crawler you can check all links within your website. We can show you broken links unnecessary redirects and even all links to external pages.
New Crawl Servers Added
On August 19th, 2014 we added a number of new crawl servers. The new servers are located in France
Onpage optimization: detect onpage issues
With Audisto you can check each page of your website against more than 90 onpage criterias. Our tool gives you valuable information about things that could be optimized and helps you to build a better website.
Detect duplicate content within a website
Audisto is a powerful tool to detects duplicate content on websites. We developed a number of techniques that scale well, even for websites with a very large number of pages.
Automated technical audit of a website
Audisto provides one of the most advanced services for technical audits of websites. The software can identify and report complicated technical issues by checking all pages. We designed the service to audit even very large websites with millions of pages.