Audisto Scripting Language

Syntax and Features of the Audisto Scripting Language

The Audisto Scripting Language is used to define URL Rewrites, Clusters, or Checks. You'll notice it whenever clusters, rewrites or checks are displayed.

While the syntax differs for rewrites, clusters, and checks, all of them contain

  • Entities
  • Conditions

Given the following example:

CLUSTER "Product Pages" IS:
  Path Starts With "/products"
CLUSTER "Product Pages" IS: defines the cluster entity and Path Starts With "/products" defines a condition.

Depending on the entity, special features may be supported, like actions for URL Rewrites.


Entities form the building blocks of an Audisto script. They indicate what the following rules and defintions will be about.

Read more on entities here.


Conditions consists of so-called scopes (e.g. Path), matchers (e.g. Starts With) and arguments (e.g. "/products"). Scopes extract data from a source - like the path of a URL, or the HTTP status or HTML from a HTTP response. Matchers run tests against the extracted data.

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