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The Ultimate Pagination - SEO Guide

The Ultimate Guide or: All you need to know about pagination! It covers technical concepts, effect of different types of pagination on the website structure, best practices and common mistakes.

Redirects & SEO - The Complete Guide

Advanced Redirect Guide - Learn everything about Redirects and how they affect SEO. Status Codes Cheat Sheet, Use Cases, Best Practice and Examples.

Crawl Budget and Crawl Rate Optimization

Learn how to do Crawl Budget and Crawl Rate Optimization to improve technical SEO on large sites. Best practice workflow and examples.

Use Cases

System testing: test your code, templates and data at once

Audisto allows you to test your website beyond unit-testing. Our software can access all your pages and therefore find edge cases that are triggered only on a small portion of sites.

Keep track of changes on your website

Audisto makes it easy to keep track of changes on your website, even for large sites. Our software can help you to detect changes quickly by performing regular crawls.

Avoid losing rankings with a website redesign

Audisto provides useful data that could help you when you’re about to relaunch your site. The software can help you to make sure everything still work after you launch your new site.

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