ENRICHMENTEnhanced Data from Different Sources

Combine different data sources, get more insights and make better decisions.

  • Discover problems that are hidden from a crawl
  • Analyze logfiles and tracking data to understand user interaction
  • Understand what makes your pages important for search engines

Enrich your SEO data warehouse

You want to discover the potential of your product and backup your decisions with facts?
We can fill your SEO data warehouse with reliable content from different sources or rather build it from scratch.


Crawl data

A crawl gives you all urls of your current site structure. A crawl also gives you important information about the technical and content related aspects of each url.


With logfiles you get all raw interactions from users and bots. You can discover crawling problems and observe user interaction.

Ranking data

With ranking data you get an idea about how important your pages are for search engines. This allows you to spot indexation problems caused by the content or the structure of your site.

Traffic data

By looking at the actual traffic of your website you get a detailed view of how users interact with your website. You can identify pages that have no interaction at all or that show heavy interaction.

Business data

Your business data allows you to assign a value to each url. By looking at this data you can spot pages that could benefit from a better place within your site structure or from more traffic.

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