Audisto Crawler

Discover thin content or missing elements within your website

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What it's for

  • Find content pages that do not contain the desired quantity of content and therefore might not be indexed by search engines
  • Identify listing pages, like limited offers, with too few items that provide a poor usability to users, resulting in higher bounce rates
  • Specify flexible patterns to analyze content clusters meet your desired quality criteria
  • Supervise 3rd party players on your domain estate obey the contractually agreed SEO rules
Photo of Sören Bendig Sören Bendig CEO Audisto

Content quality is more important today than ever

Especially on complex websites, where different units or service providers deliver content, it is important to ensure that everyone follows the quality rules to prevent a loss of authority.

Thin content check

Detect pages with thin content

Search snippets

Find all pages that have poorly designed search snippets e.g. due to missing or short titles and meta descriptions.

Text length and document structure

Identify content with a low word count, unnatural paragraph structure and missing or short headlines.

Missing content elements

Use XPath expressions to check for content elements like images, tables or lists within all documents of a specific pagetype.

Short listing pages

Discover all listing pages that contain too few items or no items at all, by easily counting the listed items with an XPath expression.