Audisto Crawler

Enterprise software for website relaunches and change simulations

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What it's for

  • Prevent ranking losses by finding technical errors and missing or unreachable content before launch
  • Systematic testing of the current state of development in staging environments prior to an upcoming release
  • Documentation and backup of the current state of a website for later analysis and comparison
  • Simulate changes to the internal link graph by rewriting URLs without development effort
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Thorough planning and detailed tests are the criteria for a successful relaunch

We provide the tools and data to plan and test relaunches beforehand and avoid unwanted surprises or negative impact for your business.

Relaunch management

Monitor changes during a website relaunch

Status quo documentation

Backup the internal link structure along with important technical metrics to be used for comparison or to remedy problems if the relaunch does not go as planned.

Website relaunch strategy

Use data to build your strategy on facts and test theories like the reduction of useless URLs by rewriting and ignoring URLs based on your own rules.

Testing before release

Crawl your staging server before the new website will be released and compare crawls with your old website to find problems and estimate the impact of your changes.

Monitoring and Controlling

Avoid surprises and keep an eye on many important metrics over the entire course of the relaunch and in the subsequent optimization phase.