Audisto Crawler

Optimize and measure website performance metrics

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What it's for

  • Measures the response times and file size of every single page within your website to identify performance bottlenecks
  • Minimize the risk of overloading your infrastructure due to performance problems e.g. when mentioned on TV
  • Optimize your conversion rates and the performance of your advertising campaigns by speeding up your website
  • Reduce the risk of revenue losses due to bouncing users as a result of slow loading pages
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Performance is all about retaining users to maximize revenue and engagement

Our tools help you to discover performance bottlenecks and opportunities for performance optimization and monitor key performance metrics over time.

Pagespeed audit

Optimize website response times

Response times

Analyze your response times for individual pages and segments of your site. Monitor how the average response time changes over time.

Compressed and uncompressed file sizes

Identify pages with a huge file size, pages that compress poorly and URLs that do not use transfer compression like GZIP at all.

JavaScript and CSS

Find pages that use high amounts of inline JavaScript, inline CSS or load multiple JavaScript or CSS files from the same domain.

Unnecessary redirects

Discover 30x and meta-refresh redirects that add latency for users and additonal requests for bots and should be avoided.