Audisto Crawler

Hreflang tag testing tool suitable for large multi domain environments

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What it's for

  • Analyze multilingual websites to find broken hreflang groups
  • Identify missing self links, missing return tags and other common errors
  • Find URLs that reference each other using hreflang tags or the same language tags
  • Detect inconsistencies in language tags and errors in language specification
Photo of Tobias Schwarz Tobias Schwarz CTO Audisto

Correct regionalization is a must for internationally operating companies

We provide the data necessary to check the correct implementation of hreflang and thus contribute to the success of your internationalization.

Checking a hreflang implementation

Prevent broken hreflang groups

Cross Domain Crawling

Perform cross domain crawls to gather hreflang data from multiregional websites which consist of several (e.g. country-specific) top-level domains.

Self referencing hreflang tags

Validate that every URL within a hreflang group has a unique and self referencing hreflang tag.

Evenly linked hreflang groups

Ensure that all URLs within a hreflang group specify hreflang return tags and all members are evenly linked and do not have missing hreflang return tags.

Conflicting language specification

Detect conflicts between the HTML language specification of a document and the incomming language specifications using hreflang links.