Audisto Crawler

Duplicate content checker for identical content and similar URLs

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What it's for

  • Find duplicates created by pages showing exactly the same content
  • Identify duplication issues caused by suboptimal fault-tolerant URL handling
  • Discover pages that compete in search results due to identical search snippets
  • Analyze pages that are grouped together e.g. using hreflang on multilingual sites

How it works

Photo of Gerd Riesselmann Gerd Riesselmann CDO Audisto

Duplicate content can be penalized by search engines and harm your ranking

We provide you with the tools to check your website for duplicate content problems and help you to prevent penalties.

Duplicate content detection

Detect duplicate content within a website

Titles and meta-descriptions

Find all pages within your website that share the same title or meta-description and therefore require a search snippet generated by the search engine when showing up within in the same search result.

Duplicate page body

Identify exact duplicates where multiple pages share the same HTML body e.g. through internal content duplication or if a site is accessible under multiple subdomains.

Similar URLs

Detect problems by grouping URL variants often causing duplication issues e.g. URLs that differ in slashes, upper and lower case characters and the order of parameters.

Semantically grouped pages

Discover problems within groups of semantically connected URLs with the same content e.g. URLs using hreflang tags as part of an multiregional website.