Audisto Crawler

Find and fix broken links and internal redirects within your website

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What it's for

  • Systematic recording of all pages and links within your website to find broken links and redirects
  • Increase revenue and user interaction by reducing redirects and therefore speeding up the website
  • Reduce the risk of loosing revenue due to users leaving your website after seeing error pages or broken redirects
  • Identify security problems like links to insecure protocols or unintended links to external resources

How it works

Photo of Sören Bendig Sören Bendig CEO Audisto

Broken links and unnecessary redirects result in higher bounce rates and can significantly reduce sales

We provide you with scalable tools to quickly check your website for broken links or redirect problems and to help you maintain a usable website.

Broken link audit

Find links to error pages in a website

Links to error pages

Find all link sources pointing towards error pages (e.g. 404 error pages, 500 error pages) that are a dead end for users and bots.

Unnecessary or broken redirects

Identify links resulting in unnecessary or broken redirects like redirect chains, loops, protocol and host changes.

Malformed and unparsable links

Detect malformed links, links with empty href, unknown protocols or leading and trailing whitespace.

Missing ressources

Discover missing ressources like broken images, missing CSS or JavaScript files, which can prevent pages from being properly rendered.