Audisto Crawler

Professional crawling tool for onpage, content and structural analysis

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What it's for

  • Analyze error patterns in code and templates to identify technical issues
  • Make data-driven decisions on site improvements based on extensive data
  • We easily crawl 50 million pages or more and tailored Audisto to scale with you
  • Granular reports and in-depth analyses help you to detect trends and prevent issues
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Technical website “hygiene” is nowadays the key to success.

We provide you with the right tools for the job and enable users to discover traffic opportunities or adapt their mobile strategy.

Structure and authority analysis

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Structure analysis

Analyze your content distribution, keep track of your hosts and overview your incoming and outgoing links.

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Reshape PageRank flow & linkgraph

Identify your most valuable pages and link equity by using multiple iterations deep analysis algorithms like internal Pagerank, Cheirank and 2D-Rank.

Analyze staging environments

Crawl your staging server before new features are released and compare crawls with your live website.

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Forecast structural changes

With advanced URL rewriting and crawler rulesets you can simulate and calculate structural changes before taking the risk to relaunch parts of your architecture.

Tech, content and performance

  • Technical SEO issues uncovered

    Check each URL against 161 onpage criteria. Our crawler generates reports with actionable hints that enable you to build better quality websites and always stay SEO compliant.
  • Eliminate duplicate content

    Find duplicate content and analyze URLs that share the same title, meta-description and HTML-body or are identical from a semantical point of view. Learn more
  • Performance optimization

    Analyze the response times of requests and compare how effective your compression works. Learn more
  • Flexible page clusters

    Group your most important pages for a clear report overview. Relevant issues won’t be missed within the background noise of large websites anymore.

Crawling and index management

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International complexity

When operating websites in multiple countries and languages the interplay in scaling is complex. Use our industry-leading hreflang & language analysis and benefit from domain clusters for the best overview.

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Customizable audit configuration

Define custom crawler rulesets and use intelligent crawl scheduling to ensure you always use fresh data and prevent surprises.

Historical data

Audisto monitors change on your website with detailed reports about alterations over time. Next to your complete key figures history we provide the last five crawls for comparison.

Crawlability and indexation

Comprehensive reports of crawling errors enables you to quickly identify the limitations for search engine robots and solve them. Optimize your search engine crawl budget.