CRAWLEROnpage & Structure Analysis Tool

  • Detect website issues in structure, content, performance, crawling and onpage
  • Identify your most valuable pages and links
  • Crawls up to 50 million URLs

Analyze code, templates and data at once

We can crawl up to 50 million URLs and fit the needs of professionals that work with big websites.

Audisto Crawler is often used by developers to analyze staging environments before new features are released. SEOs usually use it as a tool to optimize the structure of a site, to find onpage issues and to quickly identify problems by monitoring changes.

Powerful analytic features

Webcrawler optimization

A full list of crawing errors enables you to quickly identify the source of error and solve them.

Structure analysis

Analyze your content distribution, keep track of your hosts and overview you incoming and outgoing links.

Onsite issues

Check each URL against 139 onpage criterias. Crawler generates a list of hints that enables you to build better websites. more

Performance measuring

Measure the response times of requests and how effective your compression works. more

Eliminate duplicate content

Crawler lists URLs that share the same title, meta-description and HTML-body. more

Rank your URLs

Identify your most valuable URLs by using link analysis algorithms, like Pagerank, Cheirank or 2D-Rank.

Monitor your improvements

See how your website changes over time. Crawl tracks the most important performance indicators on a regular basis and visualizes them on a single dashboard. more

Flexible pricing

Customize the price to the size of your website.

Customized prize

Crawled URLs 1,000,000 Analyzed URLs 10,000,000 Analyzed links 100,000,000
Including: 1 domain, 1 monitoring, API access, crawling of unverified domains, unlimited crawls, last 3 crawls kept, up to 24 parallel requests per crawl. More
Monthly fee

Price plus additional VAT. Business customers only. Extends by another month automatically.