We are Audisto

A team of highly specialized experts in data analysis and technical monitoring

Poster that reads: Luck is not a strategy! Invest in your technical health!

What We Do

Audisto offers SaaS solutions to continuously perform advanced technical audits of complex websites. The crawler technology provides proprietary analyzes of extensive website structures, content quality, security and important onpage criteria. Additionally, customers conduct automated technical health checks to prevent erroneous modifications and associated economic damage through scalable testing & monitoring.

Audisto Management

Group photo of Audisto management

The Audisto management (ltr): Tobias Schwarz (CTO), Sören Bendig (CEO), Gerd Riesselmann (CDO)

Our Mission

We think there's a more efficient way to build the web. At Audisto we’re very passionate about building excellent websites, including technical SEO and best-practice compliance. Large enterprise shops or news portals are very complex nowadays, we love to analyze the technology, structure and content behind them. Utilizing our full skillset to generate actionable insights for our users, providing them ways to improve for a better performance and user experience.

Our Story

Back in 2011 Gerd and Tobias faced the challenge to perform a structural analysis for a large website and no available tool could provide the insights necessary to do the job. The first MVP was created from scratch and quickly grew from there. Fast-forward to 2020, Audisto is a privately owned and operated SaaS vendor with clients spreading from Europe to Australia or the United States of America. Currently we operate offices in Berlin, Cologne and Gernsbach in Germany.

Our focus is on enterprise clients and professionals, providing tools and industry-leading problem recognition that scales. We analyze Fortune 500 companies and a single enterprise crawl easily handles a volume of more than 50 billion data points.

We offer all our users, regardless your location, the best data & privacy protection, based on the strict data regulations in Europe. Our data is hosted in reliable and secure EU data centers and we are 100% GDPR compliant.

Technical Industry Benchmarks & Market Analysis

The public Audisto Industry Monitor benchmarks large portals, shops and websites within an industry by current technological standards and best practices. The overall Audisto Optimization Score calculates and combines optimization rates and checks if the web standards are followed. We use this technology to provide technical market analysis to corporate groups or provide insights into venture capital portfolios.

Audisto Logos

If you have an official partnership with us, here you can find different variants of our logo:

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Audisto Logo vertical

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