Agency Partner Program

Photo of Sören Bendig Sören Bendig CEO Audisto

We’ll provide selected agencies with many advantages

Our agency program is for digital agencies that want to grow and scale their business by providing exceptional technical SEO audits and services to their clients and ensure the technical health of their clients’ websites at all times.

The Audisto Agency Partner Program is a limited opportunity for selected agencies and professionals. Audisto will screen the applying agencies if they fit the program spirit and meet our standards. Only accounts in good standing can participate and an agency without an active project for three continuous months will lose their spot.

Your Benefits

  • Account-wide ability to reset projects at any time

    We are aware that agencies have a different usage behavior than in-house teams and need to do a lot of audits on different domains. Agency accounts can reset their projects at any time and in combination with our unlimited recrawl feature this creates a powerful tool in your arsenal.
  • Special sized agency projects

    Your services portfolio and client budget can’t always include a full monitoring of the clients’ website. Agencies gain access to different project sizes that fit those challenges.
  • Access our partner resources

    Want to train staff members how to perform a technical SEO audit and become pitch perfect? Our agency-oriented training material & videos will help you out.
  • Earn training credits

    For all clients, you refer to us or bundle within your account, you’ll continuously earn training credits. Those can be exchanged to eg. send colleagues to our Audisto workshops for free.
  • Early feature access

    Trusted Audisto agency partners can gain access to new beta features before everyone else.