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Discover how your website really works!

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  • Detect problems with the site structure
  • Identify the most valuable pages
  • Find best pages to link to and from
  • Get informed about errors and network problems
  • Spot onpage issues

Our Customers

Lieferheld GmbH
Home24 GmbH


Detect problems within the structure of your site.

Onpage Issues

Check all your pages for onpage issues.


Identify pages with a high responsetime.


Discover how robots crawl your site.


Get valuable hints to improve your content.

Data Access

Use the API for automated access.

What Customer Say

Stefan Ullerich
„Strucr purely delivers facts without any subjective interpretation“ read more »
Stefan Ullerich
Gregor Arentz
„Strucr helps us with the on page optimisation“ read more »
Gregor Arentz
Vorwärts GmbH

What Is Audisto?

Audisto is a tool to analyze a website. The crawler is able to crawl though large websites with millions of pages. While crawling it collects information about the content, code, performance and the structure of the site. Once a crawl is complete the data can be used to find problems with the content, the HTML code, technical issues and to analyze the structure of a website.

We Dig Deep

We can crawl up to 12 million pages and fits the needs of professionals that work with big websites. It is often used by developers to crawl staging environments before new features are released. SEOs usually use it as a tool to optimize the structure of a site and to find onpage issues and to quickly identify problems by monitoring changes.

We Deliver Data

We do not tell you what to do, but give you the data to make your own decisions. We check every page for more then hundred criteria, pointing out structural problems, performance issues, or SEO optimizations. All this data can be accessed through our API, so our customers can process it to enhance their internal decision making.